Commercial Snow

All-Weather Tire Built for the Toughest All-Weather Applications

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    All-weather tire built for the toughest all-weather applications

      Accepts TSMI #15 winter studs for use in extreme winter conditions

      Tested for 3-peak mountain snowflake designation

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  • Warranty



    API hereby warrants every new Zenna Steel Radial Commercial Truck tire for workmanship and material related conditions for the life of the original tread of a new tire less 2/32”. The life of the original usable tread ends when the tread has worn to 2/32” remaining as measured in the fastest wearing groove, at which point the tire is considered to be worn out. API will credit the purchaser a prorated amount based on the usable tread remaining excluding FET. All Exclusions listed below void this Standard Limited Warranty. Conditions and coverage are subject to change at any time and without notice.

    A) Submission of claims covered by this warranty constitutes adherence to the terms of this warranty as detailed herein.

    B) This warranty applies only to new first quality tires. Blemished tires and road hazard damaged tires are specifically excluded.

    C) Adjustments for ride complaints, out of balance or out of round tires are excluded from this warranty if they are worn past 2/32” from the original usable tread of the new tire as measured in the fastest wearing groove.


    A) Casings of Zenna Commercial Truck tires are warranted for workmanship and material related conditions through the life of the second retread or 5 years from the date of manufacture, whichever comes first.
    B) If an examination shows that a casing of a Zenna Commercial Truck tire was deemed not retreadable due to a workmanship or material related condition, API will give credit as follows:

    All 17.5 inch rim sizes: $15.00
    All 19.5 inch rim sizes: $25.00
    255/70R22.5, 275/70R22.5: $40.00
    11R22.5, 12R22.5, 295/75R22.5, 295/80R22.5: $50.00
    11R24.5, 285/75R24.5: $50.00


    A) All Zenna Steel Radial Commercial Truck warranties are limited to the original purchaser and the original vehicle on which they are mounted for a period of five (5) years from the date of manufacture and are not assignable to subsequent purchasers or vehicles.

    B) The Zenna Steel Radial Commercial Truck warranty is applicable only in the United States and Canada and any tire used or equipped on a vehicle registered or operated outside the United States and Canada are not covered by this warranty.

    C) The following is NOT covered by the Zenna Steel Radial Commercial Truck Standard Limited Warranty:

    1) Tire branded or marked “Non-Adjustable” (N/A) or “Blemished” (Blem), or previously adjusted.

    2) Failure, damage or irregular wear due to:

    a) road hazards (i.e. puncture, cut, snag, impact breaks, etc.), wreck, collision;

    b) fire, accident or vandalism;

    c) mechanical condition of vehicle, including improper alignment, improper inflation, wheel imbalance, faulty shocks or brakes;

    d) overloading the tire beyond maximum load capacity stated on the sidewall;

    e) misapplication of tire, use of improper inner tube/ flap;

    f) alteration of the tire or addition of foreign material.

    g) transfer from one vehicle to another and tire failure due to faulty retread process or materials.

    3) Cost of mounting and balancing service.

    4) Loss of time or use, inconvenience, or any incidental damages to include cost of towing or transportation, related property damage or consequential damages of any type or nature except as prohibited by law.

    5) Tires older than five (5) years from the date of manufacture as determined by the DOT Serial number (TIN).


    In order to be eligible for Zenna Steel Radial Commercial Truck Warranty service, the owner must:

    A) present the tire to an authorized dealer from which the original purchase was made;

    B) present proof of purchase to the satisfaction of the dealer;

    C) complete and sign an API Warranty Claim Form, which is available at any authorized dealer;

    D) pay the amount due on a new tire, less the amount of credit, including taxes, mounting and balancing charges or cost of other services ordered.


    This warranty, or any warranty stated or referred to herein, is exclusive and in lieu of any other warranty regarding the quality of Zenna Steel Radial Commercial Truck tires, whether expressed or implied, and remedies for breach thereof shall be limited to those specifically provided herein.

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